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Pursuant to CCR 9767.3 (c) (4), - Physicians are NOT authorized to provide treatment at any location other than the location listed in this network listing.

COVID-19 is impacting many practices. Some provider offices are adjusting their hours of operation and some practices are consolidating services and are temporarily closing some of their locations. You should always contact the provider's office to confirm availability. You may also reach out to the Medical Access Assistant when you need help locating and qualifying a provider's practice.

In order to treat with a Kaiser Permanente Specialist, the injured worker must first be evaluated by a Kaiser Permanente On-the-job (KPOJ) Occupational Medicine physician. The KPOJ physician will determine the appropriate Specialist, make the referral and clinic staff will assist to schedule the referral and appointment with the specialist within the MPN. To schedule an initial appointment with a KPOJ physician, call the preferred KPOJ clinic location phone number included in the MPN listing. You may also contact the MPN Medical Access Assistant line listed below for additional assistance.

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To obtain a copy of any required MPN notifications, please call (866) 222-5378

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