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Pursuant to CCR 9767.3 (c) (4), - Physicians are NOT authorized to provide treatment at any location other than the location listed in this network listing.

COVID-19 is impacting many practices. Some provider offices are adjusting their hours of operation and some practices are consolidating services and are temporarily closing some of their locations. You should always contact the provider's office to confirm availability. You may also reach out to the Medical Access Assistant when you need help locating and qualifying a provider's practice.

In order to treat with a Kaiser Permanente Specialist, the injured worker must first be evaluated by a Kaiser Permanente On-the-job (KPOJ) Occupational Medicine physician. The KPOJ physician will determine the appropriate Specialist, make the referral and clinic staff will assist to schedule the referral and appointment with the specialist within the MPN. To schedule an initial appointment with a KPOJ physician, call the preferred KPOJ clinic location phone number included in the MPN listing. You may also contact the MPN Medical Access Assistant line listed below for additional assistance.

                                                      MPN Telehealth – Getting Started

To help improve access to medical services, medical provider network (MPN) telehealth services are available to injured workers for the entire State of California who desire to obtain clinical health care via a device that has audio-video capability. Telehealth services are available through technology to connect with a physician or medical provider. The employer may provide these devices when the employee does not have the required technology to receive the medical treatment through telehealth.

Telehealth options may not be appropriate for all conditions. In general, the following rules are applied to telehealth options:

  • The Physician will provide medical services for only those conditions appropriate to be treated by telehealth.
  • The telehealth evaluation/examination will be done by a California licensed physician within his or her scope of practice and meets the same standard of care as a face-to-face medical evaluation/examination including all necessary medical record documentation requirements and privacy standards.
  • If you choose to consent to telehealth services, the telehealth physician will be counted when determining if the MPN has met standards. If you do not consent or retract your consent to telehealth services prior to telehealth treatment, the telehealth physician will not be counted when determining if an MPN has met standards. Your consent is required prior to delivery of the telehealth treatment and must be documented in your medical record, pursuant to Business and Professions Code section2290.5(b).
  • The Physician will provide referral to a "brick and mortar" provider listing or emergency department within the MPN if the employee is presenting symptoms that are not appropriate for a telehealth visit.
  • Telehealth provider will not perform the duties of a "Primary Treating Physician" (PTP) unless mutually agreed upon by patient and provider.
  • Whenever physical manipulation is needed or procedures are needed to appropriately address patient needs, the PTP must have access to a physical location with providers able to assist the physician or perform specific functions as a secondary treater.
  • The Primary Treating Physician" (PTP) must be responsible for managing patient records including those from any secondary treater used at physical treatment facilities to appropriately guide the patient treatment plan.

You have two Telehealth providers you can access on your web browser on your computer, Android or iPhone: Concentra or Reliant (see below)


How to Access

You'll need a computer with a webcam and microphone. You can't access using a tablet or smartphone.


  • Access to a quiet, private location
  • Make sure have your driver's license or state ID ready.
  • Go to your computer.
  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Sign up or log in. You'll need to use your email address.
  • Once signed into the system, please click on an available care coordinator to start the visit.

How Use the

To use the app, you will need a smartphone with a camera.


  • Make sure you have your driver's license or state ID ready.
  • Go to the Apple app store or Google Play app.  Search for "Concentra Telemed" and download the Concentra Telemed app.
  • Open the app
  • Sign up or log in.  You'll need to use your email address
  • Once signed into the system, please click on an available care coordinator to start the visit

Need help?  Having technical issues?


Call us at 855-835-6337 for assistance

Below you will find the Telehealth providers by name and their specialty

Telehealth Physician Name

Telehealth Physician Specialty

Bernardi, Mark-MD Occupational Medicine
Bustamante, Georgina-MD Occupational Medicine
Chiang, Michael-MD Occupational Medicine
Daquino, Stephen-DO Occupational Medicine
Gustafson, Eric-MD Occupational Medicine
Hajaig, Nasser-MD Occupational Medicine
Huang, Barry-MD Occupational Medicine
Kathuria, Inderjote-MD Occupational Medicine
Maghsoudy, Farzaneh-MD Occupational Medicine
Mittal, Sheilaja-MD Occupational Medicine
Offermann, Ellen-MD Occupational Medicine
Saxena, Shilpa-MD Occupational Medicine
Stupart, Shauna-MD Occupational Medicine
Yelderman, Mark-MD Occupational Medicine
Zaremba, Joseph-MD Occupational Medicine



Follow the link below for prompts to access Reliant Urgent Care Telemed. If you need help with the link you may call 310-215-6000.

Telehealth Physician Name

Telehealth Physician Specialty

Hang, Todd DO Occupational Medicine
Kohan, Pedram MD Occupational Medicine
Bofill, Lora MD Occupational Medicine
Babayan, Hovsep DO Occupational Medicine
Westhout, Franklin MD Occupational Medicine
Alazari, Naser MD Occupational Medicine
Ladouceur, Amos MD Occupational Medicine
Sucgang, Paul DO Occupational Medicine
Lebow, Max MD Occupational Medicine



To schedule Telemedicine visit, please call: (951) 782-3786 Monday – Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm


Special Notes 

  • When you call, the Riverside Medical Clinic Intake Coordinator will gather your demographic information and what you are being seen for. (Our doctor will make determination if you qualify for Telemedicine visit).
  • You will have the option to be seen shortly or at a scheduled time in the day.
  • A link will be emailed or texted to you by our doctor to access virtual appointment. Speak with your doctor as much as you would like.
  • At completion of appointment, our Intake Coordinator will schedule follow-up appointment or referral, if needed.
Telehealth Physician Name

Telehealth Physician Specialty

Tenenbaum, Max M Occupational Medicine
Devaraj, Reena MD Occupational Medicine



In order to schedule a telemedicine appointment, the patient will need to sign up with Klara, our office communication tool. To sign up with Klara, the patient can go to our website:  Klara is a communication platform that is a secure and HIPAA compliant medical messaging platform which allows Medical Providers and patient to centralize all of their medical communication.

There is a blue widget on the bottom right corner of the website's front page which says, "Message us".

When the patient clicks on the widget, they will be asked to provide their cell phone number and birthdate. They will be sent a verification code, and the appointment can then be requested. The patient can also be sent electronically a Patient Information sheet which they can complete on their cell phone or computer. The patient will be contacted via telephone by the Medical Provider who will determine based upon the information provided by the patient whether or not a telemedicine appointment is appropriate. If the Medical Provider believes that a telemedicine appointment is appropriate; the appointment will be made. The patient will then be sent confirmation of the date/time of their appointment, along with instructions on how to access the video call.

Telehealth Physician Name

Telehealth Physician Specialty

Berg, Emmett MD Occupational Medicine
Rosenblum, Barry MD Occupational Medicine
Reyzin, Gary MD Occupational Medicine



Your Visit

After you've signed up:


  • Select the option to start a visit with an available care coordinator. Depending on their availability, you may be added to a virtual "waiting room" while you wait for them to connect.
  • The care coordinator will ask you some questions about your medical history and why you're visiting.
  • You'll be queued in a virtual waiting room to see a doctor of your choice. If you need to step away, remember to click the box that says TEXT ME so that you'll be reminded when the doctor is ready.
  • The doctor determines that your condition is appropriate to be treated by telehealth. Time for your appointment! IMPORTANT NOTE: you must provide authorization to your doctor that you consent to utilize Telehealth service and must be documented in your medical record. Talk to the doctor as much as you need to. When you're done, your visit will end unless you need a referral or to schedule a follow-up appointment.
  • If you need a referral or follow-up appointment, you'll check out with your care coordinator. They'll help you get scheduled.


To Nominate a Provider: Click Here.

To Report Inaccuracies in provider data: Click Here, email
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